Discovering Lake Llanquihue


Tour Starts at: 9:00 am.

Starting Point: Puerto Varas.

We start from Puerto Varas at 9:00 AM. From there we will head over to the Osorno Volcano, where we will visit the Ski Center and enjoy the amazing sight of the surrounding area, including  Calbuco volcano and a panoramic view Lake Llanquihue. Here we will have the opportunity to have lunch or a snack, before resuming our trip. We will follow the road that borders Lake Llanquihue visiting, on the way, the little towns of Cascadas, Puerto Fonk and Puerto Octay, a magnificent example of the prevailing German architecture. Our next destination is Frutillar, a very popular vacation site, where we will visit the Teatro del Lago (the southernmost opera house in the world) and the German Museum.

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