Birds of Chiloe 2 Days

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Starting Time: 8:00 am.

Starting Place: Puerto Varas.

Duration:  2 days and 1 night.

Day 1: The excursion starts in Puerto Varas at 8:00 AM. We head over to the pier in Pargua where we board a transfer-ferry to cross the Canal de Chacao arriving at Chiloé Island. Sea-birds can already be observed during the navigation. Once in Chiloé Island our first goal is Caulín, where we visit a bird sanctuary, most of them migratory. Here we will also have the chance to taste some exquisite oysters. The next stop is the town of Ancud, where we visit the Church Museum and the traditional Artisans Market. Here a typical lunch can be enjoyed. The excursion continues further to the penguin sanctuary of Puñihuil, where we board a boat to visit the nesting place of these magnificent birds. The following stop is the locality of Chepu. Overnight stay will be provided in a one of a kind fully self-sustained Eco-lodge in Chiloé Island.

Day 2: The day starts early at 5:00 AM with a kayak excursion on the River Chepu, paddling through a half-submerged forest to enjoy the wonderful sunrise in this magical place. After this we will drive to the Bird Observation Center of Pullao Bay, in the Peninsula of Rilan, a privileged place for the observation of migratory birds. The excursion continues in Castro, the main town of Chiloé Island, where we will take a tour of the town, visiting its magnificent Cathedral and the remarkable Palafitos. Then we return to Puerto Varas.

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